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Memory problem overflow in segment

Question asked by Marco Iannelli on Nov 28, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2014 by Marco Iannelli

hello to everybody,

i'm trying to complete my project over a MC56f8006 DSC I'm using CW MCU 10.6 eclipse IDE.

I'm using some resources like:

1 PC_master with sci interface

1 timer



and the Component: MC1 of type MC_WaveGenerate

Description: Motor Control 3-Phase Wave Generation


I'm trying to realize a 3-phase sinusoidals waves with this magic bean as stated in MC_WaveGenerate help page.


when I build I have this:


Description    Resource    Path    Location    Type

Overflow in segment: .x_Data from section: .ApplicationData Segment reserved byte size is: 0x000007fe -- Overflow of: 0x000001f0 bytes    prova1             C/C++ Problem


i think that I have occupated too much of memory.


Where can i find a way to fix this?

how is related the stack and the heap memory to this problem?

if i reduce the minimal size of the system stack the program build and run but freemaster didn't comunicate with the DSP.

How can I use the flash memory ? someone can help me?