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i.MX6Q Android Camera frame rate issue

Question asked by ryan lee on Nov 28, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2015 by wen min

When I useing the camera data transfer function to Android Camera App,
Camera frame rate is very low frame rate approximately from 18 to 19 frames.

But , When I test default Android Camera app I can see 30fps.


For Our camera App I used function Camera.setPreviewCallbackWithBuffer() of Android API


For this issue, I attached analysis log file.
In brief, I guess data delay when I send the camera data using RequestManager::handleRequest() function to camea applicatoin.
(Hardware/imx/mx6/libcamera2/ RequestManager.cpp)


Pls, comment helpful for resolve this problem.


at Camera Preview (30fps)


(1) & (2) Is constant in 33ms intervals."acquireCameraFrame():systemTime"

(3) & (4) log print time is also constant intervals of 30 or 40ms.

(5) start to completed request time is 30ms constant intervals.


When using Callback function.(under 19fps)



(1) is not constant time value(acquireCameraFrame():systemTime)

(2) is not constant log print time

(3) start to completed request time is not constant intervals(30ms~60ms).