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C2D functionality on i.MX 53

Question asked by Damian Hobson-Garcia on Nov 27, 2014
Latest reply on May 18, 2015 by max mustermann

Hello All,


I am trying to use the C2D API on my i.MX 53 based system with the amd-gpu-bin-mx51-11.09 libraries and have had some success with running the c2d demo application from the SDK.  I started having problems though, when trying out the other APIs from c2d_api.h.


I modified the samples/c2d/rects/samplerects.c test program to specify a clipping rectangle using c2dSetDstClipRect() but it did not seem to have any effect at all when I linked with  Linking with allows the clipping to work, but c2dSurfUnlock() fails with C2D_STATUS_NOT_SUPPORTED. Ignoring this error seems to allow the test program to work, but I'm not sure if its actually performing the GPU synchronization at all.


Other APIs, like c2dDrawLine() and c2dDrawArc() return SUCCESS status codes, but don't seem to actually do anything. 


So I'm thinking that not all of the C2D API is supported for these devices.  Is this true?  If so, is there some sort of document that explains what is and isn't supported?


Has anyone had a similar experience with these libraries or might I just be doing something wrong?


Thanks and regards,