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MC56F84789 missing PWMB registers definitions in MC56F84789_rev1.0.h

Question asked by martin meier on Nov 27, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 31, 2014 by John Winters

The Reference Manual for the MC56F847xx family states that PWMB has the registers: PWMB_SMnFRACVALx and the PWMB_SMnFRCTRL (pages 744-751).

They were included in the last revision as stated on page 1097 (A.28 PWMB changes).

The processor header file (...\CW MCU v10.6\MCU\lib\wizard_data\DSC\DataBase\derivatives\include\MC56F84789_rev1.0.h), however, do not include them, and it has to be done by hand.

Does the processor really have the fractional registers for PWMB?


page 1097 (A.28 PWMB changes) also states that:

"In Introduction section, reworded to clearly indicate that PWMB supports digital dithering, while PWMA does not

support digital dithering."


However, in page 743, the introduction says the opposite:

The primary difference between PWMB and PWMA: PWMA supports NanoEdge placement (digital dithering); PWMB does not support NanoEdge placement (digital dithering).


I suppose that page 743 is correct, as the rest of the document support its version. Am I correct?



Thanks for the attention.