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e500mc tlbivax instruction bcast feature.

Question asked by Vasanth Sri on Nov 27, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2014 by Scott Wood

Hi All,


Regarding the "MMU_FTR_USE_TLBIVAX_BCAST" MMU feature for e500mc.


Snippet from the e500mc manual (Table  3 -43) :


Thus, an invalidate operation is broadcast throughout the coherent domain of the

processor executing tlbivax"


Does this mean this core supports MMU_FTR_USE_TLBIVAX_BCAST feature ? if no, could someone provide me a clarification on this instruction behavior on e500mc ?


If yes, any idea why same is not added in the below e500mc CPU table code ?


Linux : 2.6.34

Source : powerpc/kernel/cputable.c


                .pvr_value              = 0x80230000,

                .cpu_name               = "e500mc",

                .cpu_features           = CPU_FTRS_E500MC,

                .cpu_user_features      = COMMON_USER_BOOKE | PPC_FEATURE_HAS_FPU,

                .mmu_features           = MMU_FTR_TYPE_FSL_E | MMU_FTR_BIG_PHYS |


                .icache_bsize           = 64,

                .dcache_bsize           = 64,

                .num_pmcs               = 4,


Thanks in Advance.