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Imx6q usb device communication issue

Question asked by yasin guo on Nov 27, 2014
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Hi all

we have a problem when using usb port on a IMX6 board with Android 4.4.2_1.0.0.

there are 6 USB ports on the iMX6 board in total, 4 ports are extended from iMX6 HOST USB port by USB hub  and 2 ports are extended from iMX6 OTG port by USB hub.

My two extern usb control devices are connected to these USB ports of my IMX6 Board, and the application in android use the libusb1.0.9 library to transmit/receive data with my extern usb control devices.


The problem is:

While two control devices connected  to the USB ports extended from the same hub (Either OTG or HOST)), system will crash after the application running about 24 hours. If two Control devices are connected to different hub(one is extended from OTG, another is extended from HOST),This problem will not occur. Attachment is the error log when OS crash.

In my appliction, there are two threads, each of them use polling method (the API of libusb)to detect whether data is coming from my control devices in every 15 millisecons.

·         I think, it may be caused by dead lock in usb driver.

I want to know, Whether this is a USB driver issue,and how to avoide this issure.Please give me some advice.



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