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Where is physically located the ETSEC1 port in the p2020rdb-pca board? I can see ETSEC2 and ETSEC3 ports in the back, but not ETSEC0.

Question asked by Victor Gomez on Nov 26, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2014 by Victor Gomez

Hi all,


I got a p2020rdb-pca board, where I am trying to load a VxWorks kernel image. So far I managed to change the bootloader from U-boot to VxWorks boot loader. All is good.


Howwever, I need to use the network to tftp the kernel, and WindRiver BSP instructions state I gotta use the interface motsec0, which is associated with ETSEC1 port. But looking at the board, I only see ETSEC2 and ETSEC3 ports in the back. There is not ETSEC1 at all. Do you know where should I plug my Etherne cable so that I can tftp my kernel with no problems?