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Integrating Pylon SDK for ARM I.MX6 with LTIB?

Question asked by Robert Hana on Nov 26, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2015 by Rahul Reddy

My Question: How do I integrate a package into LTIB that requires i)environment variables to be configured in order to run on a target, ii)has no makefile, and iii) has pre-compiled libraries and an application




  I am currently trying to build the pylon SDK for the ARM I.MX6 and using LTIB. A few points to consider.


1) The package doesn't have a makefile (there are samples that do.)

2) The package contains a static library and dynamically linked libraries (compiled for ARM already) and header files.

3) There is an application included in the package.


I could probably manually copy the file over to rootfs (and the spec file provides a means of doing this.) But I would be left with environment  variables

that are not set on the target. How could I pre-set those environment variables?


Other suggestions are welcome.




Details below:


The installation notes require these steps which don't involve LTIB or crosscompiling  (first basically untar the package on the target):


  1. Change to the directory which contains this INSTALL file, e.g.:

       cd ~/pylon-4.0.0-x86

  2. Extract the corresponding SDK into /opt

       sudo tar -C /opt -xzf pylonSDK*.tar.gz

  3. Install udev-rules to set up permissions for basler USB cameras


  4. Unplug and replug all USB cameras to get the udev rules applied.

  5. Execute /opt/pylon4/bin/PylonViewerApp to test your cameras.



Next, set up environment variables (presumably before running the application.):


Setting up environment variables:

   export PYLON_ROOT=/opt/pylon4

   export GENICAM_ROOT_V2_3=${PYLON_ROOT}/genicam

   mkdir -p $HOME/genicam_xml_cache

   export GENICAM_CACHE_V2_3=$HOME/genicam_xml_cache



Example command for adding the library directories to the LD_LIBRARY_PATH


# (for Linux ARM)





variable for Linux ARM platforms:


export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=${PYLON_ROOT}/lib:${GENICAM_ROOT_V2_3}/bin/Linux32_ARM:${GENICAM_ROOT_V2_3}/bin/Linux32_ARM/GenApi/Generic:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH