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How to set environment variables on target through LTIB rpm spec file?

Question asked by Robert Hana on Nov 26, 2014
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         I have a package that contains libraries and an application compiled for ARM I.MX6, and that I would like to deploy using LTIB. For a normal installation of the package a script typically is run on the target platform that configures the environment variable; first the package would be extracted on the target system, next a shell script would be run to set up the environment variables on that target system. The script essentially consists of paths and the "export" command.


What I would like to do is set the environment  variables on the target platform but through LTIB with a spec file on the host platform and the package.

In other words; I would be using LTIB on the host system, but I would be configuring environment variables for a target platform.


How do I go about doing this?