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OpenGL rendering distortion on IMX6

Question asked by Adriano Naspolini on Nov 26, 2014


I have an application working on IMX515. Now I'm porting it to to IMX6 Solo, but it seems OpenGL has a rendering problem with big geometries in close zoom.

The video below shows the problem, where IMX6 is the left screen and IMX5 is the right one, both are running the same program in 800x480 pixels.

imx6 vs imx5 - YouTube


The sequence is: zooming in to a cube, stop zooming, start rotating to show that everything is ok. Then stop rotating and zoom in again, until we can see a smal distortion. Since this point we stop zooming and rotate forever, then the problem is very clear on the left screen, but never happens on IMX515.


To show the problem I used IMX6 GPU SDK (gpu_sdk_v1.00.gz) from freescale as base and made some small changes on example 06 from OpenGL2.0 directory. Source is attached.


IMX5 runs a Freescale BSP.

IMX6 runs Yocto, kernel 3.10, Vivante drivers.


Anyone have seen this before?

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