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Partitioning of Kinetis K50 with PE Multilink Universal

Question asked by Richard McLean on Nov 26, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2014 by Richard McLean

I have an application for the Kinetis K50 that requires the use of NVM.


I am using CodeWarrior 10.6 (with the latest updates) and a PE Multilink Universal.


I have defined a connection and in "Connection/Advanced Programming Options" I have selected "Enabling Partitioning for the device" and set the appropriate numeric value.


This works correctly if I use the Debug (green bug) icon to program the device using a debug configuration that uses the connection noted above.


However, if I use the Flash Programmer (blue flash) icon and set it to use the very same connection as the debug configuration uses, set "Flash configuration file" to K50DX256M7 and browse to the .afx file and then program the device it appears to program successfully but then fails to power up unless it has previously been programmed via the Debug route. (This applies to previously unprogrammed devices and those on which the "Erase Whole Device" option has been used)


It would therefore seem that although the same connection file is used the flash is not partitioned by the Flash Programmer.


Question 1 - should the flash programmer partition the flash if so instructed by the connection file? (Maybe I need to do something different to make this happen)


Question 2 - programming the device via the Debug route takes significantly less time than using the Flash Programmer route - is there a downside to programming production/release devices via the Debug route - they seem to function correctly?