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P2020 support 36BIT, board.cfg options setting

Question asked by Kuowei Hsu on Nov 25, 2014
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Our development board using p2020 needs to support 4G SDRAM. So we need CONFIG_36BIT enable.

In board.cfg, we add our config like


Status, Arch,     CPU:SPLCPU,    SoC,        Vendor,         Board name,         Target,                         Options,

Active  powerpc     mpc85xx          -             freescale        develop-1              DEVELOP-1                   -  

Active  powerpc     mpc85xx          -             freescale        develop-1              DEVELOP-1_36BIT      develop-1:36BIT


Q1: we have a develop-1.h under include/configs/ and folder develop-1 under board/freescale/. As I know the options format <board>:[other options], so I setting develop-1:36BIT. Is it correct??


Q2: we add DEVELOP-1 first and then DEVELOP-1_36BIT. If we want to build DEVELOP-1_36BIT, should we need to type from "bitbake -c cleansstate u-boot" or what command can we use to save our time build new configuration?? For example, bitbake -c clean <target>, bitbake -c cleansstate <target>, bitbake -c cleanall <target>.


At last, we using boot code not support 36BIT in our board which have a 4G SDRAM, then we see.


Not enough bank(chip-select) for CS0+CS1 on controller 0, interleaving disabled!

Detected 4 GiB of memory

       This U-Boot only supports < 4G of DDR

       You could rebuild it with CONFIG_PHYS_64BIT

       2 GiB (DDR3, 64-bit, CL=6, ECC off)



Thanks for any response.


Best Regard,

Kuowei Hsu