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BSC9131RDB : - repeated reloading of DSP core [from PA core]

Question asked by RC REDDY on Nov 25, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2015 by Cam Allen

Hi All,

          I am using BSC9131RDB board and i wanted to know whether following is possible. I am new to this board/platform, so please correct me wherever i am wrong.


1.I understand that once linux boots on PA [Power Arch core]. This can be used to boot dsp using /dsp_bt application.


2. I have 5 applications written and each is made into DSP application binary image [ dsp image 1, dsp image 2, dsp image 3...etc].


3. currently i am writing an automation framework to boot the images one by one..




/dsp_bt dspimage1

wait for 10 minutes

/dsp_bt dspimage2

wait for 10 minutes

/dsp_bt dspimage3.

wait for 10 minutes

/dsp_bt dspimage4.

wait for 10 minutes

/dsp_bt dspimage5.

wait for 10 minutes


4. I wanted to know is it possible to use /dsp_bt in that way. In other words, i wanted to reload the DSP core with different images repeatedly from PA core based linux [ Please note PA core is not at all reset during that time, my automation framework will be running on PA core].



RC Reddy