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K60 Tx on Ethernet stop working

Question asked by Cremericon on Nov 25, 2014


I am hoping that some of you are able to help me with at strange problem I have.

In my search for another problem in my system I encountered that I was able to get the K60 in a state whare sending data on the Ethernet not was possible but receiving is possible.


Here are my setup:

  • OS: uTasker
  • Including fix for errata E6378
  • I use the K60FN1M0VMD15


This is what I know:

  • Many connection open/close on the HTTP server will generate the problem. Some time after 1 min and some time after 10 min.
  • When the Ethernet stop sending the TX buffer subscriber are indicating READY_TX and this will remain this way (Both of the TX buffer subscriber)


* Indicate current selected buffer descriptors

  • When the TX stop working I continue to receive UDP message from the LAN.


Have any of you had something similar?



Steen Larsen