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iMX6S ADMA interrupt - timeout

Question asked by Philippe Leduc on Nov 25, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2015 by Fabio Estevam



I managed to configure the ADMA2 of the iMX6S uSDHC module. I can read and write the SD card with it. However, the DMA interrupt is never set (DINT in  uSDHC_INT_STATUS) while the Transfer COmplete bit is set.

Here is a dump of the registers after a successfull read operation:


=======================uSDHC0 dump===================

DS_ADDR:               0x1459be00

BLK_ATT:               0x00000200

CMD_ARG:             0x07400000

CMD_XFR_TYP:    0x123a0000

CMD_RSP0:             0x00000900

CMD_RSP1:             0xb9edb7ff

CMD_RSP2:             0x325b5983

CMD_RSP3:            0x00000b00

DATA_BUFF_ACC_PORT: 0x00000000

PRES_STATE:          0xff8d8088

PROT_CTRL:           0x00800222

SYS_CTRL:               0x008e013f

INT_STATUS:          0x00000003

INT_STATUS_EN:   0x157f513f

INT_SIGNAL_EN:    0x1070000a

AUTOCMD12_ERR_STATUS: 0x00000000

HOST_CTRL_CAP:  0x07f30000

WTMK_LVL:            0x08000880

MIX_CTRL:              0x00000037

FORCE_EVENT:       0x00000000

ADMA_ERR_STATUS: 0x00000000

ADMA_SYS_ADDR:  0x153dd008

DLL_CTRL:               0x00000000

DLL_STATUS:          0x00000200


VEND_SPEC:            0x20007809

MMC_BOOT:          0x00000000

VEND_SPEC2:          0x00000006


As you can see, the TC bit and the CC bit are set, but the DINT is not. However every IT bits are set in the STATUS_EN register.


Does someone know where I am going wrong?


Thank you i advance,