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Why not dump KSDK? - And yes there is a replacement...

Question asked by Scott Swanson on Nov 25, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2014 by Earl Orlando Ramirez Sanchez

I wasted at least a week (on and off) - long weekends - fooling around with the wounded demo's in KSDK. They have so much promise, but just never would compile. I'm not new to this, but am new to having this BETA of software. I was so close to staying with mbed and importing the code until I could get the USB, ping, and a few other demos working.


Fortunately Freescale recently released the MQX_KSDK - which appears to be the SAME as the good old KSDK, but the demo's work. Yeah, you need to compile the libraries - at least create the ...platform_lib.a  but DANG! They work.


Ping (lwIP example) really rips - no delays like in other companies products I was evaluating. I always had a good feeling about the Freescale hardware, but man, the SDK really had me scratching my head. I loaded the MQX_KSDK, got every demo working in a few minutes (literally).


Just saying - the obscure appendix A and appendix B (which is incorrect) in the K64 SDK instructions are hard to find, not referenced anywhere except on this website (who knew you had to create the libraries?).


With that said, I really appreciate the patience of the mods and contributors here. I know there are growing pains ...

I researched a LOT of tools and chipsets and this is the most complete that I've seen. I have used other toolchains - one was a German ARM library ($10k) with Eclipse plugins, which never really quite worked right with the RS-232 debugger.


The other was a toolkit from a Texas firm which I've used for years in DSP work, but gosh, it really is showing its age. I seldom ever blame a compiler for bugs, but man, this one had a lot of bugs (at least wrt DSP chipsets) that I had to work around.


Bravo Freescale!