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Sabre Lite running WEC 2013 - No HDMI Output

Question asked by Steve Jones on Nov 25, 2014
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I've got the Boundary Devices Sabre Lite board up and running with a build of WEC2013 using the Adeneo iMX6Q Sabre Lite BSP (Supplied with WEC2013).


I'm struggling to get the HDMI output to work. I've selected HDMI Output in the catalog and added BSP_Display_HDMI in the environment variables.


When the board boots I see this in the console:


PID:00400002 TID:00950012 GALCORE 4.6.9(9754) (Aug 13 2014 10:51:18)

PID:00400003 TID:00950012 Major GPU: SysIntr=31 MemBases=0x130000 MMU Version=0

PID:00400003 TID:00950012 2D GPU: SysIntr=32 MemBases=0x134000 MMU Version=0

PID:00400003 TID:00950012 VG GPU: SysIntr=33 MemBases=0x2204000

PID:00400003 TID:00950012 Video memory: BaseAddress=0x0 PhysBase=0x30040000 size=0x7000000 physSize=0x0

PID:00400003 TID:038A0032 ERROR: c:\wince800\platform\imx6q_sabre_lite\src\drivers\ipuv3\display\bspdisplay.cpp line 357: PID:00400003 TID:038A0032 No display panel is registered!!!PID:00400003 TID:038A0032 ERROR: c:\wince800\platform\imx6q_sabre_lite\src\csp\imx\ipuv3\display\display.cpp line 293: PID:00400003 TID:038A0032 DisplayGetSupportedModes: Can't have both DI0 and DI1 disconnected!

PID:046B0002 TID:046E0002 [HeartBeat] [1] 0::3EDA


I've not customised this build much, this is a basic 2013 project with the Sabre Lite BSP selected an a bunch of hardware drivers selected from the BSP.


Any help is much appreciated