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MC13213 EVK - Embedded bootloader - Download apps without BDM programmer?

Question asked by Alessandro Dionisi on Sep 25, 2007
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2007 by Jim Donelson
I'm starting to develop with a MC13213 EVK. I read on manual that apps can be downloaded to the device without using a BDM programmer. To do this I followed instructions over the manual: 1) Download embedded bootloader on device with hiwave.exe 2) 4 Button + Reset sequence to activate flash programming (4 led on) 3) Download .s19 file via USB connection with test tool. The problem is that after the first time I can't do the 2) step to download other apps and as a consequence I receive message "Timeout waiting for download firmware to complete", maybe because the device isn't ready for flash programming (4 led off). Any suggestion?

Thanks for help.

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