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Processor Expert - ADC + ADC_LDD : possbile Bug with number of conversions

Question asked by justanotheruser on Nov 24, 2014
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in the last days I've been trying to configure the ADC-Component of the processor expert to do an average over 32 samples.

When setting number of conversions to 1 everything works fin. But as soon as I set the number of conversions to another value the conversion routines calculate false values.


As far as i can tell there is a bug in the generated code (or in my configuration for Processor Expert):

The OnMeasurementComplete-method of the ADC-LDD component uses a DWORD to save the result of the conversation:

dword ResultData;               /* Temporary result data */


ResultData is passed on as a pointer to the GetMeasuredValues-method.


the GetMeasuredValues converts this pointer to a pointer to AdcLdd1_TResultData (which is a typedefed as a uint16_t).


This causes the processor to write a u16-value into the dereferenced dword-variable, which wreaks havoc in the OnMeasurementComplete-method.


My opinion is that the variable ResultData should be of Type AdcLdd1_TResultData in order to work properly.

When I change the cody by hand everything works fine, but Processor Expert will overwrite my changes when I generate the code again, so that's not an option.




I am using the newest KDS IDE 2.0 release, but the error already existed in KDS IDE 1.0.1.

The Processor I am using is Kinetis MK22FN1M0VLQ12.


Is this a bug in Processor Experts generated code or am In configuring PE wrong?


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