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Can't access EIM address space

Question asked by Dan Kessler on Nov 23, 2014



Whenever I try to access the EIM address space I get an error.


I setup the CS0 to full 128MB EIM address space and then I try to read the 0x08000000 address.


I get an error:


-> d 0x08000000

NOTE: memory values are displayed in hexadecimal.



Data aborttrcStack aborted: error in top frame


Exception address: 0x101ef89c

Current Processor Status Register: 0x60000013


Shell task 'tShell0' restarted...


Attached is the full log.


I have also tried setting up CS0 and CS1 each at 64MB and same problem.

I have also tried setting up CS0, CS1, CS2, CS3 32MB and same problem.

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