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TWR-K60 KDS The PLL/FLL clock value is 0 - the clock is disabled Warning

Question asked by Kashyap Gada on Nov 22, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2014 by Kashyap Gada

Hello, I am new to Kinetis Design Studio. I started off by following the tutorial on this link

The clock settings within this tutorial give me a warning



Warning: The PLL/FLL clock value is 0 - the clock is disabled. (Clock frequency [MHz])k60_uart_adcCpu/Clock frequency [MHz]Processor Expert Problem


Everything else within the project is fine. But the code isnt working. the code building doesnt seem to work. I am confused.


Please help or guide if more information required. The default clock settings of processor expert doesnt make the k60 run at full 100mhz,. Can you please suggest how to get rid of this issue. I am exactly following the project on the above mentioned link