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What is Kinetis significance?

Question asked by Yasuhiko Koumoto on Nov 21, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2014 by Yasuhiko Koumoto

Hi Kinetis users,


I was ordered to write some chapters of the Kinetis featured book which would be published by the CQ Publishing in Japan. I want almost all people to know the greatness of Kinetis MCU. Also I am looking for the advantages to use Kinetis MCUs.
I would like to ask everyone what is your Kinetis MCU or significance of Kinetis MCU.  For example my opinions would be as following.

1) Kinetis is a very low power MCU which has the various power mode including individual power gating.

2) Kinetis is highly secure oriented MCU and the anti-tamper functions are very fine.

3) Kinetis L is especially highly embedded oriented MCU which includes almost all features which would be helpful. BME and the low power peripherals would compensate the lost functions which had been omitted from Cortex-M3 when downsizing to Cortex-M0+.


I will summarize your comments and opinions to show the Kinetis significances.


Thank you and best regards,
Yasuhiko Koumoto.