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FlexNVM issue

Question asked by Ming Jiang on Nov 21, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2014 by Carlos_Musich

I have three functions A, B, C. Both function A and B are mapped to FlexNVM sector (>= 0x1000000 in the memory map) and function C is allocated in the app flash sector. If I attempt to call function B from C, MCU got lost. I can see the disassembled code: instead of bl functionC to the correct address, the actual assmbly code is bogus: bl functionC_veneer (???? what's that?) which branches to an invalid address and causes an exception. My question is: is it possible to call a function located in FlexNVM region from normal flash region? If the caller is another function is the FlexNVM region, the jmp is correct.