Ross Myers

HC08GZ, Erase device problems

Discussion created by Ross Myers on Sep 25, 2007
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2007 by David Payne
Hi All,
This problem just started happening, not sure what caused it, but now when I try to erase / program the device using the Softec inDART in the Softec Dev board it fails.
With the Datablaze program I tell it to Mass Erase the part, it says it does it sucessfully, when I then do a blank check it fails. Unfortunately this stops programming too because it says the part is not blank.
If anyone is familiar with this software can they please give me any pointers as to what I might have done?
Edit: When I try to read the device it tells me the security bytes are set!, well, if they are, it wasn't done by me on purpose. Either way, the Mass Erase function I mention above should be clearing them.

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