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Flashing MC9S12XF512 with USBDM

Question asked by Marcel Pinnow on Nov 21, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2014 by Marcel Pinnow

Hi there,


I'm trying to flash my MC9S12XF512 with a USBDM Debugger. By try and error I found out it would flash when I use the profile of the MC9S12XEP100. It flashes without error, but afterwards the programm won't run. I checked the memory ranges in the hc12_devices.xml with the datasheet and they are matching. Problem is I don't know about the other parameters like pageAddress, registerAddress, tclScriptRef and flashProgramRef.


Could anyone give me a hint what else or where I could find the needed values in my Ref. Manual to get it working?


Thank you,