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How do I get CW to recognize the P&E Multilink Cyclone Pro?

Discussion created by Mei-Ling Liew on Sep 24, 2007
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2007 by Mei-Ling Liew
I m having trouble trying to get the sample codes running for the XF512E boards.
I downloaded some sample code from the Freescale site which are Node1_Full Speed file, Node2_Full Speed and StandAlone_FS.
How do I get the P&E USB BDM to work for my boards and download the software into the boards? I tried building it and debug but it does not work.
The boards which are I received are sXF512 Starter Kits. I am running out of ideas to get it work and moreover it is my first time working on this boards and software.
I sincerely appreciate any advice/assistance!