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MFS on SD card on M4 on Vybrid

Question asked by MARK WATSON on Nov 20, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2014 by MARK WATSON

Has anyone successfully used MFS/MQX running on the M4 core on a Vybrid?  I am attempting to do so with no luck.  I am wondering if the boot partition used by U-boot is confusing MFS.  It gets to here and fails:


                /* Open partition */

                partition_handle = fopen(partition_name, NULL);

                if (partition_handle != NULL)


                    printf("Installing MFS over partition...\n");


                    /* Validate partition */

                    error_code = _io_ioctl(partition_handle, IO_IOCTL_VAL_PART, NULL);

                    if (error_code != MFS_NO_ERROR)


                        printf("Error validating partition: %s\n", MFS_Error_text((uint32_t)error_code)); <---------------------------------------------------

                        printf("Not installing MFS.\n");