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FATFs using KDS, E. Stygers PE components.

Question asked by Brian Mohlman on Nov 20, 2014

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I am a noob to using the frdm-k64f board and am trying to get the uSD card operational. I am using Erich Stygers' PE components (FATFsFileSystem, FATFsMemSDHC, FATFs r0.10c) and used his datalogger application.c, h files to write the data from

the accelerometers to the SD card. debugging the code, it errors out reading the card information. Has anyone been successful using the above components and reading/writing the SD card? I am sure am probably just not setting something up correctly. I have tried it with different SDcards on both K64F boards I have. Any gotchas that would prevent the card from communicating? I have zipped the KDS project if anyone wants to take a look.....



        CardInfoRetrieval(DeviceDataPrv, IntFlags, Response); /* Handle the card info retrieval state */



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