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imx6q: Where do I get Vivante GPU library version 5.0.11.p1.19959 ?

Question asked by Prasant J on Nov 20, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2014 by igorpadykov



I'm trying out L3.10.17_1.0.0_ga BSP with my custom hardware (design based on imx6qsabresd). I'm having GPU hangs when I display data on dual channel LVDS display (1680 x 1050). I'm running the vivante samples/tutorials located in  /opt/viv_samples/vdk.


I would like to try out the latest GPU drivers (ver 5.0.11.p1.19959 - kernel driver + version). I can get the kernel drivers from linux-2.6-imx.git but how can I get the user space libraries (framebuffer build) ?



Any place to download the libraries? or steps to build the BSP myself?


Thanks in advance!


Regards, Pj