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MMPF0100 for 100% duty product.

Question asked by Satoshi Shimoda on Nov 19, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2015 by Satoshi Shimoda

Hi community,


I want to your advice for selecting appropriate MMPF0100A for i.MX6.

Please see Table 1 of MMPF0100 datasheet (Rev.9.0).

There is "Qualification Tier", but we did not understand it well.

For i.MX6, we can see AN4724 and AN4725 for lifetime estimation, but we could not find similar document for MMPF0100A.

If there is a similar document for MMPF0100A, would you let me know it?


And if there is no similar document, would you let me know which "Qualification Tier" device should customer use if their product's duty cycle is 100% (24 hours, 365 days).

I guess the difference between "Consumer and Industrial" and "Extended Consumer" is temperature range and package, so I think customer use both chip for 100% duty product.

Is this correct?


Best Regards,

Satoshi Shimoda