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Freemaster and 56F8006 config issue

Question asked by Lance Fisher on Nov 19, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2014 by Marco Iannelli

I'm trying to use Freemaster with a 56F8006 project and cannot get it to read the variables in my program using CW 10.6 and a CW USB TAP to load and debug the program.  The weird thing is it was working before with CW 10.5 and FM 1.3 but not that I've upgraded to CW 10.6 (free DSC version) and FM 1.4 it's not working.  The symptoms are that when I fire up FM and activate "Start Communication" it appears to be talking but the variable values in my watch list never change from '?' and my scope doesn't run or display any data.  I've confirmed that the FM bean is configured for polling and that the call to poll() is being executed repeatedly (it's in the main while loop).


FM comm is configured for "FreeMaster CodeWarrior-CCS Jtag/OnCE Communication at 500 Hz (bit rate matches what's set in CW for debug which is working fine).  I don't get any sort of error when I start communication but nothing useful happens either.  The only other FM Comm option that makes any sense to me is "FreeMASTER BDM JTAG/EOnCE Communication Plug-in (56F8xxx) but none of the "Select Connection" options appear to work and any attempt to start comm with that choice returns a :Can not open BDM port" error.


I know I got this exact setup (with older IDE and FM) working a year ago, what am I doing wrong now?