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KDS Processor Expert TSS_Library trouble

Question asked by Tadahiro Takase on Nov 19, 2014

Hello everyone!

I have some trouble on Processor Expert TSS library, please advise/help me.

I would like to use TSS_3_1 library in KDS1.1.1 Processor Expert with FRDM-KE02Z40M. My objective is to show the touch sensor feature by changing the Red LED brightness on board. This is provided by TSS demo in FRDM-KE02Z Sample Code Package (REV 1.1) but this demo is NOT a Processor Expert version.

I just changed PE TSS parameters, adding two electrodes: GPIO PTD6 and PTD7, setting one controls: ASLIDER, and structure name: AnalogSlider. Others are default. Details please refer to TSS_KDS.pef.

I tested two approaches using same TSS_KDS.pef but both are failed.

IDEProcessor Expert TSS_Library Ttouble
Approch1KDS 1.1.1Build NG.   Message: cannot find entry symbol __thumb_startup in TSS library.  
Approch2CW 10.6Build OK.   But, Interrupt by TSS: TSS1_fCallBack0() does not occur.


My PE version programs are below. I used auto initialization option for other LDD.


  Thank you very much in advance.

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