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DDR test failure with 2Gb RAM

Question asked by Liang Chai on Nov 18, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2014 by igorpadykov

E:\soloX\Broad Bring up\DDR test\Sol SoloX larger RAM\DDR_Stress_Tester_V1.0.3_ENCORE\Binary>DDR_Stress_Tester.exe -t mx6x -df scripts\my.txt

MX6SX opened.


Image loading...

download Image to IRAM OK


Re-open MX6x device.

Running DDR test..., press "ESC" key to exit.






    DDR Stress Test (1.0.3) for MX6SX

    Build: Jun 25 2014, 12:09:14

    Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.



=======DDR configuration==========

DDR type is DDR3

Data width: 16, bank num: 8

Row size: 14, col size: 10

Chip select CSD0 is used

Density per chip select: 256MB




What ARM core speed would you like to run?

Type 0 for 650MHz, 1 for 800MHz, 2 for 1GHz

  ARM set to 800MHz


Please select the DDR density per chip select (in bytes) on the board

Type 0 for 2GB; 1 for 1GB; 2 for 512MB; 3 for 256MB; 4 for 128MB; 5 for 64MB; 6

for 32MB

  DDR density selected (MB): 256



Calibration will run at DDR frequency 400MHz. Type 'y' to continue.

If you want to run at other DDR frequency. Type 'n'

  DDR Freq: 396 MHz


Would you like to run the write leveling calibration? (y/n)

  You have chosen not to run the write level calibration


Would you like to run the DQS gating, read/write delay calibration? (y/n)

Starting DQS gating calibration...

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . ERROR FOUND, we can't get suitable value !!!!

dram test fails for all values.


The DDR stress test can run with an incrementing frequency or at a static freq

To run at a static freq, simply set the start freq and end freq to the same valu


Would you like to run the DDR Stress Test (y/n)?