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Where is the Loop Configuration example for KSDK SAI? API doc says it's isn't.

Question asked by Donald Bosley on Nov 18, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2015 by Kan_Li

In the EDMA API documentation it states "For an example to configure the loop mode, see the SAI module driver."

The SAI peripheral driver, does not show anything related to DMA as far as I can see. I'm 7 days deep on trying to get this thing up and running with no luck including following settings from AN4520 & AN4800. I've also followed the initialization sequence outlined in the EDSPI example for K22, and no luck.

It continually dumps in to default handler, despite the fact that I've included "fsl_edma_irq.c" and "fsl_sai_irq.c" - I posted an example of one initialization under this thread (Trying to work through SAI with DMA on Kinetis K22.) , and have tried many permutations in order to try to get this up and running. The k22 tower example is difficult to follow because it incorporates the soundcard API, something not available to those using k22 with an external codec. An example specifically written for this device, or using the API in this manner would be ideal at this point. Even a simple initialization sequence description using the SAI API with DMA, so that I could then troubleshoot from would be nice.

At some point someone had to have tested this configuration so I can't see why this wouldn't be readily available.