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Build a library with Codewarrior 10.6 and change compiler

Question asked by Camille Schneider on Nov 18, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2014 by Pascal Irrle



I am quite new at Codewarrior, and I have two problems at the moment :



I have to port the eGui files (driver and D4D files) into a c++ code warrior project for my k60. I have thought about building first a library with this eGui files (indeed the c++ compiler report many problems when I try to build the eGui files)

But I didn't find in the settings of my project how to build a library in CW 10.6, as my project is based on a MQX 4.1 Project (File -> new -> MQX 4.1 Project). My questions are :

- What are the differences between MQX 4.1 project, MQX-Lite project and Bareboard project ?

- How can I compile the eGui files into a library (.a) in code warrior ?

- is there another way to use eGui with c++ project ?



I found some tutorials to port the Freescale compiler to the GCC compiler (changing the toolchain in CW from ARM toolchain to ARM Ltd Windows GCC), but I would like to do the opposite, so my questions are :

- What are the differences between the Freescale compiler and GCC, does one of them is more optimized ?

- Is there any tutorial available to explain step by step how to change from GCC to the Freescale compiler ?


Thank you in advance for your help,