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Using VLPS mode in KM34Z128CLL5

Question asked by Hieu Hoang on Nov 17, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2014 by Hieu Hoang

Hello all, I want to make a lowpower with KM34Z128CLL5. I want to use VLPS mode and my current must be under 10uA (with SLCD module and wake up by LPTMR). I followed the instructions in AN4470 but my current could not be smaller than 80uA. My question is that how I can decrease in my product? My code is attached in active_LCD.c file

When i used "LLWU Periodical Wakeup Using LPTMR" in Kinetis-M Peripherial Bare-Metal Drivers R2.3.1, my debug window (debugger is PE micro with OpenSDA interface type) stopped working at "OSC32K_Disable ();". I have been trying to reset MCU and OSC32k module didn’t work properly. Neither do all peripheral use 32k osc (PLL, FLL, SLCD). PLL and FLL have still been working properly with internal reference and 8M oscilator. After that, I replaced another KM34Z128CLL5, everything was ok. However, when I ran this example code again, my OSC32k did not work. Why did this module not work?

I am looking forward to getting your helps.

Your sincerely!