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gcc-4.8.2-Ee6500-aeabi generates wrong code at -O2

Question asked by Alois Hahn on Nov 17, 2014
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I have here a specific code where gcc 4.8.2 generates wrong code, when optimizing with -O2.

The issue seems to be new in 4.8.2 as gcc 4.7.2 works fine.


I have attached a small example project ( showing the issue.

The testcase implements two flavours of the same function, hipBugTest_c() and hipBugTest_c1().

Both functions should return the same result, but hipBugTest_c1() fails when -O2 optimization is used.

Seems that the problem is related to register usage and signed/unsigned conversion.


See README.txt and src/main.cpp for the more details.


I ran the test on a T2080RDB eval system.




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