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Question, i.MX283 thermal characteristic

Question asked by AVNET JAPAN FAE (team share account) on Nov 17, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2014 by igorpadykov

Dear team,


I would like to ask about the thermal characteristic of i.MX283.

My customer is evaluating MCIMX283DVM4B on his board and has a question on the thermal characteristics of i.MX28.

In their test, the temperature of i.MX28 surface reached 64 degrees C when the environmental temperature was 25 degrees C.

At that time, the usage rate of i.MX283 was 50%.


CHSimbolmeasurement pointTemp. Deg.CEstimated DegC in 45 DegC of environmentalMax.Ratings
CH1U1surface of i.MX28363.884.170

The power consumption of DC24V on the board is 140-150mA.

Is that reasonable?

Do you have any ideas to lower the temperature?

Estimated temp number in the 45 degrees C of the environmental temp is 84 degrees C, and the number exceeds the maximum ratings.

The customer has a doubt whether the temp really can reach to 64 even when the usage rate was 50%.