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CW can only  debug assembler uboot code

Question asked by li rui on Nov 16, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2014 by li rui


Board: MPC8306som


Software tool:CodeWarrior 8.8 linux host

                      USB TAP



          1 prepare uboot elf file.

           Make these changes to the file u-boot/

           DBGFLAGS = -g2 -gdwarf-2

           AFLAGS_DEBUG = -Wa,-gdwarf2

           OPTFLAGS = -O1


            rebuild uboot file,make uboot.bin  and uboot(elf)


            2 create CW project

             open the uboot(elf),and auto import source code . only libgcc2.c file can't be found.

             download uboot.bin to Nor Flash in address 0xff800000


            3 debug uboot code before MMU is enabled

             confiure the USBTAP,set pic address 0xff800000.

             Check the Stop on Application Launch checkbox.

             Select the Program entry point option button.


             Power on the board and attach the process.

             break the run ,

             EPPC  hard reset.

             All the CW display is assembler code not start.s source code, I can run it step by step ,the breakpoint in the source code doesn't work .


      So I suspect the problem may caused by uboot.bin and elf file,but I can't prove it.

      Where should I look back carefully?  Does lack of libgcc2.c file cause this problem?

      Thanks for any suggestion.

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