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CodeWarrior/PE fails to partition FlexNVM

Question asked by Shoumin Liu on Nov 14, 2014
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I am using the MK10DX128VLH5 and would like to use its enhanced EEPROM (EEE) to store 4-byte data. I used CodeWarrior's Component Inspector to enable the EEPROM function. The Processor Expert did generated relevant methods, such as Cpu_SetFlexNVMPartition(). However, after I called this function in main(), it failed to partition the FlexNVM correctly.


  1. The returned code of Cpu_SetFlexNVMPartition() was not what is expected per the EEE configuration.
  2. FTFL_FCNFG is 02h, which means FlexRAM is available as traditional RAM only and EEE is not vailable.
  3. As a result, I was able to read from or write to FlexRAM (1400_0000h), but the data there were lost after power cycling.


I have attached my CodeWarrior (ver 10.6) project as a reference. Please kindly review and let me know how I can enable the EEE and store data there. I will be very appreciative if you could help at your earliest convenience. Thank you in advance.



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