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I2C3 Pad and Mux Configuration for SDA

Question asked by Deepanraj Anbarasan on Nov 13, 2014
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Ours is a custom board based on i.Mx6 and our Linux version is 3.0.35.We have configured the i2c3 in board file and registered to camera but when compiled no problem in execution.But i2c3 was not able to detect the slave device i.e camera .we have referred all the source code related to i2c3 configuration there is no error but when we made to print the register which configures it as ALT2 it was printed wrongly as 0x5 and the original value should be 0x12 .what could be the change required to correct it automatically without any manual write of the address.

This the value for GPIO_3

GPIO3: MUX 0X12 = ALT2,Fource IN ,PAD Control 0X1B8B1 1 1011 1000 1011 0001

But for GPIO_6 we got the wrong value

GPIO6: MUX 0X5 ,PAD Control 0X1B8B1

This is in reference to reference manual

Address: 20E_0000h base + 22Ch = GPIO_3 MUX control

Address: 20E_0000h base + 5FC = GPIO_3 PAD control


Address: 20E_0000h base + 600h = GPIO_6 PAD control

Address:20E_0000h base + 230h = GPIO_6 MUX control