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Proper channels to petitioning for New Features in MQX (and Keeping old ones)

Question asked by pmt on Nov 12, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2014 by pmt

What is the best way to petition for new features (or more importantly keep old ones) and have it be read and considered by the people setting the roadmap and direction for MQX?


Certainly I can do what I am doing now; toss a gripe up on the message board, and the MQX developers read it.  They provide great support, but is there a more formal process?  How can we have the community chime in and have them tell us why they think is important and pass this on to the directors?


As a user of MQX for 14 years I am extremely disappointed to discover things like:  "we're dropping support for Runtime EDS" because we don't think it's useful (most useful thing in the world), or "we are no longer supporting the 'sockio:' driver" (second most useful thing in the world).  Or asking support for implementation of AutoIP/mDNS, etc.  How about a process where your end customers can chime in and get their perspective?