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How to preserve RAM when program is loaded?

Question asked by Paul DeRocco on Nov 12, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2014 by Paul DeRocco

I'm using KDS with a K64. My program uses an area at the end of RAM to store a command line memory, outside of the range that the program initializes on startup, so that its contents survive a reset. If I click "Reset target and restart debugging" in the IDE, the RAM isn't cleared. However, loading new code into the flash wipes it. This used to work with Codewarrior.


My other thread about preserving a flash area led me to this:

Preserving Memory Ranges with Eclipse and P&E GDB Server | MCU on Eclipse

which details how to hack the .arp file that controls how the debugger loads the flash. I looked in these files to see if there was anything that looked like it was telling it to clear RAM, but saw nothing. The debug console doesn't show any commands that look like they do that, either.


The only other difference between my current KDS project and my old Codewarrior project was that I'm now using a FRDM-K64F board and before I was using a TWR-K70F120M or our own K60 board. Is it possible that the reload sequence powers the K64 down completely, thus nuking the RAM, but the TWR board doesn't? I'm using JTAG for programming and debugging, rather than the OpenSDA interface via the auxiliary processor, so I wouldn't think the chip would be power-cycled..