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Building a MQX project in KDS

Question asked by Larry DeMuth on Nov 11, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2014 by Larry DeMuth

I'm new to KDS (was using Codewarrior) so bear with me here.

I added the BSP, PSP, and hello_world for the twrk22f120m platform and I can build all three with no problems.

Now I added _time_delay(250) in the hello_world inside the main loop to verify it was linking with the PSP. When I compile I get errors because it doesn't know what _time_delay is. I assume I don't have some setting right and it is NOT linking to the PSP project. I never had any problems with this in Codewarrior so I have NO idea why this simple exercise isn't working. I also assume it wont link with the BSP files either.

How do I fix this!!

P.S. For some stupid reason Freescale decided NOT to support new micros in Codewarrior any more, so I have no choice BUT to use KDS. If someone knows how I CAN use the mk22 in codewarrior PLEASE let me know!!!