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UART condition at mem mode on I.MX28

Question asked by Sung-Uk Jang on Nov 10, 2014
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Dear Freescale supporters,


Since my customer is developing phone module with i.MX28, they face high leakage power consumption thru. UART pins at mem mode. Actually those UART pins are connected to other peripherals. When the mem mode starts, those UART pins go to level low while other peripherals are still active mode in some cases. That's there are current flowing from peripheral devices thru. UART pins and the total leakage current is about max. 100mA now.


Is there any way to change the UART ports (UART0_RX, UART1_RX, UART1_CTS, UART3_RX and UART3_CTS) to tri-state mode not to flow the current in mem mode ?

Pls advise.