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how setting MC56f800X dsc with freemaster using u-multilink?

Question asked by Marco Iannelli on Nov 10, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2014 by Ankur Kala


I'm a freescale fan, and i would like to learn more on this world!

Sorry, I can't find a way to setting my dsc uC program to comunicate with freemaster.


I'm using a MC56F8006 LQFP 32 pin, I'm able to program the dsc uC (selecting DEVICE Disaled) but I can't comunicate with freemaster to visualizing variables during the program creation.

COUL NOT OPEN THE COMUNICATION PORT ERROR 0x84b00006: can not force back ground mode.


I connected the u-multilink to the dsc uC like in this demo:

pag. 16


I selected and includeed freemaster component library in the project.


I selected also JTAG device, interrupt mode Poll driven

and enabled: oscilloscope, recorder also application command

in the loop for(;;) { FMSTR1_Poll();

      FMSTR1_Recorder(); }


i got 3 error:


1   Link failed.

2   Resource    Path    Location    Type

     mingw32-make: *** [XXX.elf] Error 1

3   Overflow in segment: .x_Data from section: .ApplicationData Segment reserved

     byte size is: 0x000007fe -- Overflow of: 0x00000030 bytes


is there some one that can help me ? please?