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CW10.x freezes on debugger-launch

Question asked by Wade Hassler on Nov 10, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2014 by Wade Hassler

I've been using CW10.5 for three weeks, and have used it on both 9S08 and MCFMM256 projects. Everything went well until yesterday, when the 'debugger-launch' froze with no explanation.

Looking at the 'progress' tab shows this:


Unless one looks at the 'progress'-tab, it's not obvious what;s going on, and any number of launches can be attempted, each one leaving a 'Loading symbolic information' operation that can only be deleted by closing CW.

That "40%" occasionally gets as high as 60%, but never finishes. And clicking the red button does not affect the results, except to note that 'Cancel Requested.' No cancellation occurs


- Working with TWR-MCF51MM demo-board, using on-board OSBDM

- Windows 7, 64-bit

- Re-installed 10.5 with no change

- Installed 10.6 ditto


Does anyone have an idea on this?


Wade Hassler