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MQX RTCS with TWR-SER2, routing between interfaces

Question asked by igor-imx on Nov 8, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2014 by alejandrolozano

Hi Everyone

I have a TWR-VF65GS10 + TWR-SER2 running MQX 4.1.1

Im trying to accomplish the following scenario but im not sure if RTCS can actually do this.


TWR-SER2 has w ethernet interfaces, MQX BSP for Vybrid supports using both.


I assigned interface 0 the following IP settings:


IP address:


Default Gateway: 0


Interface 1 has the following settings:


IP address:


Default Gateway: 0


Interface 0 is sitting on my home subnet, which is and the default gateway for this subnet is my home router with ip

Interface 1 is connected directly to the Windows laptop network card. Laptop is not connected to any other network. Laptops ip is


I added 2 gateways using RTCS_gate_add(server ip, network, mask) command like this:





Im running a basic web server demo from RTCS examples with 1 web server servicing both interfaces.


Here is what i can do:


From the windows laptop i can access demo website running on the board at both and ip addresses


Here is what im trying to accomplish.


I want to configure the board to be able to route traffic between interfaces. For example, i would like to be able to access another windows computer with ip address from the windows laptop ( connected to the tower board interface 1 with ip address

Is this possible? How can i accomplish this and setup RTCS to route traffic?

I have already enabled VIRTUAL_ROUTES in user_config.h as well as GATEWAYS, TCP,UDP and __IP_FORWARD=true in the demo program


Please help if anyone knows how to do this or if routing is possible in RTCS at all