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PE DMA modify address adjustment at runtime

Question asked by Andrew Parlane on Nov 8, 2014
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I'm setting up my project using PE. I have a UART, DMA controller, 2 DMA channels, etc... I can transmit data using DMA and receive it. However I haven't found a decent way of transmitting a variable amount of bytes. Say my DMA TX buffer is 512 bytes, and I want to send a 20 byte packet, I need to change the request count size, which is easy to do using: UART_TX_DMA_SetRequestCount(). However I also want to change the "after transfer complete source address adjustment" to go back to the beginning of my buffer.


I could do this manually, IE. disable this option in PE, and when I receive my dma complete event, change the source address using UART_TX_DMA_SetSourceAddress(). Or I can change the address adjust manually using register writes: DMA_TCD4_SLAST = DMA_SLAST_SLAST(0-size); (note this may be the wrong code to use, I can't test it until Monday). However this makes the assumption that I'm using DMA Channel 4 for this. Which is fine until I change that and forget to change this line of code.


I would like to be able to do one of:

1) UART_TX_DMA_SetAfterTransferSourceAddressAdjust(..., 0-size);

2) DMA_SLAST_REG(DMA_BASE_PTR, UART_TX_DMA_CHANNEL_NUM) = DMA_SLAST_SLAST(0-size); // Note the CHANNEL_NUM define doesn't exist like this. I could try and get access to the DMAController_TChnInit struct and get the logical channel number, and from the physical channel number, but that's quite messy, and that data is largely defined in .c files Including the DMAController_TDevConst struct, which would make it a bit nasty to get the info.


Am I missing something? Or is PE missing this feature?


Using KDS 1.1.0, PE 1.1.0.RT6_b1428-0121, windows 7.