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Proper i.MX53 DDR pad IBIS model configuration for SigXplorer

Question asked by torus1000 on Nov 7, 2014


I'm not familiar with IBIS model and SigXplorer and I start to simulation with downloaded i.MX53 ibis model.


If I look at DDR pad, there are 2 separated model included such as;
  ddr2hs_sel00_ds111_mio        DDR, 1.8V, ddr2 mode, 43 Ohm driver impedance
  ddr2odths_t50_sel00_mi          DDR, 1.8V, ddr2 mode, 50 Ohm ODT


So I choose ddr2odths_t50_sel00_mi as data pad for data read simulation
but my simulator(Cadence SigXplorer) couldn't recognized it because model type was input.


(Q)  Does anyone know how to configure the i.MX53 IBIS model for Cadence SigXplorer?


On the other hand, IBIS model of DDR2 memory can read with no error because both driver and ODT merged into one model.